An orchestral world tour has been announced to mark the release of ‘Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’.

Set to start in August, the shows are billed as a chance for fans of the title, released last month, to “experience all new symphonic arrangements” of its soundtrack.

The ‘Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’ tour website says about the events: “Immerse yourself in the world of one of the most visionary games of all time with this sensational multimedia concert experience.”

They will also include “beloved scores” by Nobuo Uematsu and “exciting new contributions” from Mitsuto Suzuki and Masashi Hamauzu, as well as a string of other composers and arrangers, according to promotion for the concerts.

Along with an orchestra, there will be a chorus of more than 100 musicians at the shows, which will be led by renowned conductors Arnie Roth and Eric Roth.

Some of the shows will see appearances from the original composers, with Masashi Hamauzu appearing in Los Angeles, Rotterdam, London, Bangkok, Taipei, New York and Paris – while Mitsuto Suzuki is set to take part in shows in Chicago, Munich and Rome.

Tickets for the first leg of the tour will be on sale from Friday (15.03.24.)

‘Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’ tells of the dystopian planet of Gaia at breaking point thanks to the evil corporation of Shinra using up its natural resources.

Its other plot features former Shinra swordsman Sephiroth realising he was made in a lab using a monster’s DNA, and is now working to bring about an apocalypse.

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