We're very proud to premiere a new exclusive series here on Arcade Sushi. We've teamed with the main man of metal himself, Eric "ERock" Calderone, to bring you a collection of hard rocking remakes of some of your favorite video game songs.

First up, we've got the Final Fantasy VII classic, 'One Winged Angel'. Many of you will know this as Sephiroth's theme, and while it doesn't get as much play as tracks like 'Aerith's Theme', it's still just as memorable.

"This one was definitely a challenge," Calderone told us. "I went for more of a 'mix' between the original and the remix, leaving in some similar sounding synth as a blend tool. Most Final Fantasy tunes are tricky to metalize because the true compositions are nothing short of masterpieces, but I gave it my best shot trying not to take any epicness away from the original."

We think you'll find this Meets Metal version turns an already bad-ass track into one more wicked than before. Take a listen, and let us know if you agree.

Written and Performed by Eric "ERock" Calderone
Original Composition by Nobuo Uematsu

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Check out the original version of 'One Winged Angel' below.

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