Nintendo revealed a handful of new indie titles during its Nintendo Direct presentation, including previously unknown sequels, popular underground greats and some brand new games that left us intrigued.

The Big N is bringing a bunch of new indie titles over to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The list started with Elliot Quest (trailer above), a retro exploration game with multiple endings based on player decisions. We then saw some gameplay from Blek, a puzzle game focused on line drawing; the upcoming Earthbound-esque Atlus RPG, Citizens of Earth; the Mystery Dungeon/Etrian Odyssey hybrid, aptly named Etrian Mystery Dungeon; and Story of Seasons, a new game from Marvelous Entertainment that was inspired by the Harvest Moon series.

Gunman Clive 2, a sequel to the very popular 3DS eShop game, was also announced, as well as a new group of Sega 3D Classics and the final three episodes of Renegade Kid's Moon Chronicles. Nintendo's continued support of indie titles is very impressive, and their willingness to showcase these games during their streamed press conferences gives them face time that not many other publishers would offer. We know there are a few games that we'd have never even tried if not for seeing them in a Nintendo Direct and they end up being major favorites. Good on you, Nintendo.

These underground greats will be released between now and Spring, so keep checking the Nintendo eShop regularly.

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