The spiritual successor to the Clock Tower series, Project Scissors, has been rebranded with the name NightCry and has a new trailer directed by Takashi Shimizu of 'The Grudge' fame.

Nude Maker (that's seriously the studio's name) has released a new teaser trailer for Project Scissors, IGN reports. Project Scissors, which originally started off as a spiritual successor to the classic survival horror series, Clock Tower, has been given a new name, NightCry. This teaser trailer for NightCry was directed by the famous Japanese horror director, Takashi Shimizu, who is known for directing 'Ju-On' and its western remake, 'The Grudge.'

Based on the trailer, we get some back-and-forth imagery of a child being haunted by a ghost brandishing a pair of giant shears, which is the signature weapon of the Clock Tower series' villain, Scissorman. NightCry supposedly takes place on a cruise ship that is being stalked by a phantasm Clock Tower fans would find all too familiar.

While no Western release or launch date has been confirmed, NightCry will be launching for PS Vita and the iOS/Android formats.

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