We haven't seen the "2K" logo on a NHL hockey game for four years now, but 2K Sports has decided the time is right to make a triumphant return to the ice... just not in the way some would expect.

NHL 2K (with no date, so it's a hockey game for all times) will be hitting the mobile scene, both iOS and Android, bringing NHL action to your phones and tablets. The game will come with a full set of features, including Winter Classic, Free Skate and Shootout modes, a new My Career mode, a brand new three-on-three competitive Mini-Rink game, live roster updates, and more.

We think this is the perfect time for 2K to bring back its NHL franchise. EA's NHL game has had a stranglehold on the sport for quite some time, but the jump to new consoles this year was less than graceful for the hockey juggernaut. With opinions soured this year, 2K can jump in and try to win back some of those fans. The choice of going to mobile devices may seem strange, but we understand that too: what other full NHL games can you think of on your iPad or Android tablet? Right, we can't think of one either.

NHL 2K will hit mobile devices "soon" for $7.99, and we'll have more information as it comes out.