Have you ever thought to yourself “Man, Dynasty Warriors just doesn’t have enough demons in it?” Well Toukiden is the game for you. This crazy demon killing button mash fest is set to come out on the PlayStation Vita and PSP on July 27th in Japan. It is still unknown as to whether or not the game will receive an international release.

Tecmo Koei has recently released a brand new trailer for the game that shows off how you will slay demons in the Toukiden world. Huge flaming gauntlets  swords twice the size of your body, and high flying martial arts are the norm in this world, and they will be needed in order to defeat these huge demons. There are also elements of ranged combat, as some of Toukiden’s heroes take up massive bows that can shoot arrows through the heavens themselves.

Most of the gameplay shown showcased one-on-one demon hunter vs demon action, which actually gave the game somewhat of a Monster Hunter feel. We'll bring you more information on the release of Toukiden as it becomes available.