The Dynasty Warriors-esque take on the Dragon Quest franchise is heading for a Western release this October.

Square Enix will be localizing Omega Force's Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below, whose title reminds me a lot of the third Dragon Ball Z film. This game will play in the third-person, hack-and-slash manner based on the ongoing Dynasty Warriors franchise. Only this time, the characters, foes and levels will be based on Dragon Quest's massive lore. In Dragon Quest Heroes, you'll be able to play as Aurora or Luceus and team up with other famous faces of the franchise. We can't wait to fight alongside Jessica and Yangus from Dragon Quest VIII. Watching Akira Toriyama's animated designs recreated in this manner is a treat, especially when looking at the skeletons, slimes and other famous Dragon Quest monsters.

I admit that I'm a little bit skeptical towards Dragon Quest Heroes after my encounters with Hyrule Warriors. In my review, I mentioned that Hyrule Warriors wasn't up to the standards of the previous, last-gen Dynasty Warriors game, but this was likely due to the technological constraints of the Wii U, where enemies faded into the battlefield out of thin air, online multiplayer was absent and there was noticeable lag while fighting. I hope that Omega Force steps it up, especially since it's going to be one of their first games coming out for the PlayStation 4.

Dragon Quest Heroes will launch for PS4 on Oct. 13. Square Enix and Omega Force are already working on a sequel since the game debuted in Japan this past March.