Update: Looks like there was a bit of a mix-up on the part of Cinema Now in regards to Kosugi's statements. While Kosugi admits he is shooting a new movie, it's actually called 'Agent X' and has nothing to do with Tekken. The actor issued an apology, and it looks like this prequel isn't quite as off the ground as originally reported.

Looks like there's a new Tekken movie adaptation in the works, and it's drawn up so much fanfare and hype, it started filming before anyone even noticed.

Speaking in an interview to Cinema Now (translated by CVG), action star Kane Kosugi revealed he was going to play a role in 'Tekken: A Man Called X.' What's more, the film had already started shooting.

Originally announced by Lionsgate and Crystal Sky as 'Tekken: Rise of the Tournament,' 'A Man Called X' will serve as a prequel to 'Tekken.' This sequel will be directed by Prachya Pinkaew ('Ong-Bak'), but little else is known about 'A Man Called X.'

The first 'Tekken' was a bit of a disappointment, so it's actually surprising to see a sequel is actually happening. That said, 'Ong-Bak' is pretty damn cool, so perhaps this prequel will have something more to offer than licensed characters and outfits from Tecmo Koei's fighting franchise.