Could we be seeing the return of the abysmal basketball brawler Shaq Fu?

Building a previous story about a new Shaq Fu we previously covered, it looks even more likely that Shaq Fu is making some form of a comeback. Joystiq has been sent images of a t-shirt that is currently being printed for an upcoming marketing campaign for a Shaq Fu sequel of some sort. Given the shirt's design, the game being developed is most likely some form of a modern makeover, otherwise the game itself is rather too bland and poor to simply port over to HD. The best possible outcome (besides trying to forget Shaq Fu ever happened) is that this fighting game would be getting the recent Killer Instinct treatment.

Recently, Shaquille O'Neal himself has been rather adamant and proud in regards to a new Shaq Fu being developed. Along with a trademark registration for Shaq Fu made last year, all of this information makes it seem ever so clear that the 1994 failed fighter will be eventually returning in some new form.