A lot of great new releases are hitting the App Store this week, including more Chillingo games, another Sonic game and the return of Mikey Shorts! These games will be available to download just after 11:00 PM Eastern time in the U.S. Let's take a look at the new releases for this week! (Pricing and links will be made available when the games hit the App Store.)

  • Sonic Jump


    Any new Sonic game is welcome news for fans of the speedy hedgehog. This previously released Java game for those old flip phones has been updated for your iPhone & iPad. Sonic Jump is jumping right on our devices as soon as it hits US shores!

  • Fighting Fantasy: Blood of the Zombies

    Tin Man Games

    A digital gamebook where you have to make the correct decisions or an army of the undead will be unleashed upon the world. It's Choose Your Own Adventure for the digital age! Will you make the right choices?

  • Carmageddon

    Stainless Games Ltd

    The controversial PC game has finally made its way to iOS devices, bringing all of the madness and carnage with it. Carmageddon is even more twisted than Twisted Metal, and fans of the PC classic will love this faithful port of the original game. It's on sale for Free, but only for the first 24 hours. Grab it now before it goes back up to $1.99!

  • A Wonderland Story

    Josh Presseisen

    An Alice in Wonderland game? Guess who's downloading this sucker as soon as it hits the App Store? We are! Control the White Rabbit as he tries to escape from Alice and get to the Queen. The rabbit is always running late, you see. Story and Endless modes should keep fans of Wonderland busy for quite some time.

  • Symphonica

    Square Enix

    If you've ever dreamed of playing an anime game where you're a music conductor, then your dream has come true! Conduct over 50 famous songs in this chapter series. The first three chapters are free, after that, get ready to fork over some big bucks if you want to play some more.

  • Aloha From Hawaii

    Forge Reply

    Ok, this looks like a pretty awesome platformer. Play as one of four penguins who need a break from their arctic life and head to Hawaii. The graphics look great and the gameplay seems to be pretty solid. And you can't fail if you set your game in Hawaii! We can't wait to download this one.

  • Save Them All


    This was supposed to come out last week but it got pushed back to this week and now we have to write about it again. Actually, no we don't. It's an endless runner with great graphics and it's fun to play. There you go! Enough said.

  • Hidden Runaway


    A hidden object game featuring Brian and Gina from the 2001 game Runaway: a Road Adventure. Mini-games scattered throughout four chapters should keep you busy for a while. Some gorgeous animation as well.

  • True Skate

    True Axis

    Grab your deck and hit the streets! It's time to do some 50/50 backside grinds and Judo Airs off some sweet jump ramps. Ok, so our skating tricks are a bit dated, but who cares. You'll be finger-flipping through this cool skateboarding game for hours. Do an ollie! Do an ollie!

  • Mikey Shorts Halloween

    BeaverTap Games LLC

    We love Mikey Shorts, so it's cool that he's coming back for a new Halloween game! Four levels over two environments should keep Mikey Shorts fans happy. Hopefully they release a Thanksgiving and Christmas update too!

  • Don't Look Back

    Terry Cavanagh

    Super Hexagon developer, Terry Cavanagh, created this short game back in 2009 and recently submitted the retro platformer to the App Store. The game is totally free so you won't have to worry about any in-app purchasing nonsense.

  • Zombie Rollers


    The zombies are here! Grab power-ups, roll them over in a Zombie Ball and kill them all! This charming Chillingo title fits right in to the Halloween season! Look for our review soon!

  • Stupid Zombies 2

    Gameresort LLC

    They made a sequel to Stupid Zombies? That's awesome! We loved the first game so we're looking forward to blowing the heads off of more of these stupid undead creatures!

  • Square Planet


    Play as the Round Ball trapped in a square world. Collect rings, use power-ups and try to get our of your squared environment in this unique puzzle platformer.