A lot of awesome new releases are hitting the App Store this week, including a Dreamcast classic, new words games and more. These games will be available to download just after 11:00 PM Eastern time in the U.S., if they haven't already come out. Let's take a look at the new releases for this week! (Pricing and links will be made available when the games hit the U.S. App Store.)

  • Writer Rumble

    Feel Every Yummy

    If you enjoy word search type games, then Writer Rumble should be write (puns!) up your alley. You have to quickly form as many words as you can as waves of monsters come to attack you. It's got a nice looking interface, and there are lots of multiplayer options. Let's get ready to rumble!

  • The Bowling Dead


    If a week goes by without a new zombie game coming out, we'll eat a hat. The Bowling Dead offers a different take on the zombie genre. Strike down (gonna be a list filled with bad puns today), the zombie horde with over 40 stages, including boss battles. It's a weird way to eliminate the undead, but as long as we can 7-10 split some heads, we won't complain.

  • Jet Set Radio


    It's here! The classic Dreamcast title has made its way onto iOS, and retro gamers couldn't be happier. You play the role of a member of a skater gang in futuristic Tokyo, tagging the streets and pulling off sweet moves. It's the prettiest turf war you'll ever see.

  • Flashout 3D


    Holy crap, it this Wipeout? This looks like Wipeout. Why isn't this Wipeout? Flashout 3D? What kind of name is that? Oh, who cares. This game looks sweeeeeet. Anything that reminds us of Wipeout is going to get downloaded and played immediately. Can we stop doing this new release list so we can play?

  • Mini Dash


    This cute platformer by Chillingo offers over 150 levels, sharp and colorful graphics, unlockable power-ups, unlockable characters and more. It's a neat little platforming title that looks like a winner. And it's only a buck? Score!

  • Word Derby


    Remember those classic derby carnival games? Word Derby is like that, only you're not rolling a ball into numbered holes to advance your horse, you're spelling words to try and beat everyone else. Play against your friends via Facebook, your contact list, or against random opponents. Unlock new characters, earn power-ups and more. Is there a giant teddy bear for first place? We really want a giant teddy bear.

  • Sky Hero


    Quite a few neat looking titles from Chillingo this week, including Sky Hero, an endless faller where you control John, a soldier looking for safety as he plummets toward his death. Wait, that doesn't sound right ... Oh, who cares. With over 60 missions and achievements, you'll be too busy turning John into a true Sky Hero to worry about what happens to his skull once he hits the pavement.

  • Battlefriends at Sea

    Tequila Planet

    Hey, it's a take-a-turn navy battle! Only it's at sea! And you can play with other people! That's waaaaay different than that stupid Battleship game that we've been seeing around toy stores. Battlefriends at Sea is so hot, they show tons of game footage in the trailer. Boss!

  • Cave Diver

    Explore an maze of deep dea caves in search of precious pearls! Avoid the sharks, while grabbing floating coins other things that would normally never be in abundance in a dark cave.

  • Zen Shapes: The Way of the Brush


    As an apprentice to Master Lu, you must solve 60 different puzzles as you combine paper scraps to form images. Have no idea what we just said? Watch the video then!

  • Vectrex

    Rantmedia Games

    Holy crap, a way to play Vectex games? If you've never played this classic system, then now is your chance. These vector-based games are awesome, and it's great to see a retro system being ported over for today's gamers. Though today's gamer might not be able to handle these manly twitch games, so they'll probably quit and go back to watching Metal Gear Solid 4.

  • Towers & Dungeons

    Ravensburger Digital

    According to the creepy sounding voice-over guy in the trailer, Towers & Dungeons is the greatest game since sliced bread. And with those pretty graphics and what appears to be Tiny Tower inspired gameplay, he may be right.

  • Crazytarium

    Mohammad Dabiri

    Help this little cracked out weird guy stay on edge by making sure he eats all of his pills. His facial expressions are what we see everyday here at the Arcade Sushi office when we get an email saying it's time for a meeting.

  • Freeze!


    This black and white puzzle game looks really cool. You rotate using your finger to escape each of the cells. You can also rotate your phone after throwing it across the room when you get stuck on a level. (May not get you past the level though.)

  • Gunner Runner

    Ghostbox Pty Ltd

    An endless runner where you run towards the player instead of away from him. Rescue your fellow kidnapped soldiers in this action packed game that has artwork inspired by Saturday morning cartoons. Did Saturday morning cartoons look like this? Can't remember. But the game looks fun!

  • The Impossible Test 2


    Make the duck quack? How hard could this be? Oh, crap. It's hard. At least it won't cost you anything to find out how dumb you are.

  • Ghost Racer


    A top down racer where you compete against the ghost car of your friend's time. Is that exciting, or ... guess we'll find out when we download it!

  • Lead Me Home


    The developer's website is in Japanese so no clue what this game is about. All we know is you control slime and try get past each of the levels. Sure does look pretty, so we'll be downloading it no matter what it's about.

  • Team Awesome


    A side-scrolling super hero game where you fight guys in giant toilets. Honestly, just watch the trailer. It's hilarious and will make you want to purchase game as soon as it's finished playing.

  • Matchblocks

    OneMinute Games

    This looks really, really confusing. Seriously. How do you know what sequence to tap the blocks in? Why can't we figure this game out? Oh, that's right. We're stupid. We'll download it anyway, in case we get tired of throwing our iPhone across the room from playing Freeze! too much.

  • Jelly All Stars

    Immanitas Entertainment

    Drop and group jelly blocks in a game that's easy to play and hard to master. What? That's the description? Give us a break. It's all we could come up with.