A lot of great new releases are hitting the App Store this week, including a new He-Man game, a cool looking endless runner, a side-scrolling brawler and more! These games will be available to download just after 11:00 PM Eastern time in the U.S. Let's take a look at the new releases for this week! (Pricing and links will be made available when the games hit the U.S. App Store.)

  • He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe


    Holy crap, it's a He-Man game! Fans who grew up with the most powerful cartoon in the universe now get to play the most powerful game in the universe! They even brought Orko along, just to silly things up even more. We can't wait to get our sissy gamer non-He-Man hands on this one!

  • Zombiewood


    Like killing zombies? Well, here ya go. Zombiewood is a dual-stick shooter with one goal in mind -- kill every freaking zombie that gets in your way. Game looks awesome!

  • Penny Arcade's On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3

    TinkerHouse Games

    This obnoxiously long-titled game is a throwback to the 16-bit era. Fight creatures and experience the fun that Xbox 360 and PC players got to experience. Now you can have this new Penny Arcade game on your iPhone and iPad. Huzzah!

  • Totem Runner


    We've been playing Totem Runner for a few days now and we've gotta admit, it's a pretty sweet game. Crazy visuals packed with challenging gameplay make this one a must buy for the week. Did we mention you can change into various beasts?

  • N.Y. Zombies 2

    Foursaken Media

    The sequel to the popular N.Y. Zombies is finally here. With graphics that don't suck! Now you can walk around and blow the heads off the annoying undead with this action packed adventure game. Lock and load, boys. We got some zombies to kill.

  • Fort Boyard


    "Collect the famous keys, solve the Professor's riddles and defeat the Masters of Time before facing the ultimate challenge in the Treasure Room with its coveted Boyards!" That's the description given for this game, and it's enough to sell us right there. Watch the trailer. This game looks pretty cool.

  • Punch Quest

    Rocketcat Games

    Play as a brawler, punching his way through a dungeon filled with branching paths and tons of monsters. This colorful looking beat-em-up features lots of crazy moves and sweet, simple gameplay. Time to download this one and start punching some stupid monsters in the face!

  • Wizardlings

    Square Enix

    This new Square Enix fantasy game takes place over 56 different landscapes, with 50 different spells, dozens of enemies, tons of quests and lots of treasure. It's everything you could want in your cute looking fantasy game!

  • DoDonpachi: Maximum


    Cave has made some of the best shooters for years and the latest DoDonpachi game looks to continue the company's tradition of, "Holy *@!#!! How can I possibly survive this?" Awesome graphics? Check. Tons of bullets? Check. No chance in hell you're gonna win? Check. We're downloading this bad boy immediately.

  • Hairy Tales

    Crescent Moon Games

    This unique looking/puzzle platform game might be a sleeper hit in the App Store. It's wildly different than anything else coming out this week and we can't wait to get our hands on it. Check out the trailer and see for yourself. Looks good, right?

  • Deep War

    Forest Moon Games

    WTF?!? A side-scrolling underwater submarine shooter? In for the win! We can't wait to get our hands on this sweet looking shooter where you get to kill tons of fish with awesome backgrounds. Bring it on, Nemo!

  • Gizmonauts

    Backflip Studios

    Gizmonauts has you collecting your own army of robots as you build an intergalatic post. Equip your robots and challenge other players. It's part sim/part farming/part fighting. What more could you want in a free game?

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