Cornfox & Brothers have been working on their new game Oceanhorn Monster of Uncharted Seas for quite some time and just released two new screenshots of the game.

A visit to their blog reveals the two new images along with the following text:

Here's some fresh screenshots for our followers!

Making a game as an artist is both fun and rewarding. You get to see a world that was in your head growing richer and richer everyday and after some time you get past the point where your world is no longer collection of symbols (Here is a tree, ok it's a forest. Stone walls, that must mean it's a cave.) but an actual place inside a game. Over 100 objects are modeled so far, along with 3D maptiles, enemies and characters. We hope you enjoy these screenshots! 

Take a look at the two new screenshots below.

Thanks to Toucharcade for the heads up on the screenshots. Still no release date for the game, but we'll keep you posted. It looks like a really cool adventure game. I'm looking forward to playing it -- fingers crossed -- sometime later this year.