You've got to hand it to Suda51, as the guy clearly knows how to make incredibly appealing trailers for his games.

The first English trailer for Killer is Dead dropped in March, and it was certainly nice to get another look at the game in our native language. That said, any trailer for a Grasshopper Manufacture game usually makes for good viewing, whether you can understand it or not. Fortunately, the latest trailer for Killer is Dead happens to have subtitles to keep us informed of all the crazy that's happening.

Apparently the Earth has been stolen, and there are giant aliens wreaking havoc all over the place. Even when you know what everyone is saying, it's hard to figure out just what's happening without the proper context. Then again, it wouldn't be Suda51 game if it was easy to figure out just from a two-minute video.

The action and visuals all look amazing, and we can only hope the gameplay holds up as well. You can check out the trailer below, and let us know what your favorite Suda51 game was in the comments.