Mondo's assassination company expands as Killer is Dead comes to PC.

According to Joystiq, Deep Silver Europe has announced that the Killer is Dead should be arriving on the PC format this May. The PC version of Killer of Dead is dubbed the "Nightmare Edition," which includes the Nightmare game mode.

Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition includes a new theater mode to watch its cutscenes and the Smooth Operator downloadable content, which included bikini outfits for the game's leading ladies and a few new gigolo missions. Nightmare mode takes the regular gameplay of Killer is Dead and restricts Mondo to headshots, Adrenaline Bursts and Dodge Bursts in order to attack enemies, making the game significantly harder.

While a North American release of the PC version of Killer of Dead has not been officially confirmed, it's been listed at $20. It is due out in Europe on May 9 for the price of 20 euros.