If you've played a Suda51 game before, you know the man is no stranger to mixing sex with his violence. His latest, Killer is Dead, looks to be no exception to the rule, and may even take Suda's trademark craziness to a whole new level.

New details about Killer is Dead surfaced over at Siliconera, which give us a better idea of what to expect from the Grasshopper Manufacture game when it arrives stateside later this year. Combat will play out with players able to use both Mondo's sword (Gekkou) and his gun arm. The sword absorbs the blood of enemies, and when at full capacity will allow Mondo to unleash stronger attacks and better combos. The gun arm offers more long-range capabilities, and will be able to kill some enemies with one hit if it's a head shot.

As interesting as the combat mechanics sound, they don't really seem all that different from what we've come to expect from a Suda51 action game. What will set Killer is Dead apart, aside from the story, is the new Gigolo missions. These sidequests feature Mondo out on seduction missions, where he'll have to try and win the favor of a particular woman. Failing to make an impression, or acting too quickly, could result in being slapped. Doing everything right, and increasing the woman's feelings toward you, will lead to Mondo taking the relationship to the next level. To aid in the quest, Mondo has two types of gigolo glasses, which enable him to see through the woman's outer shell. In some cases, quite literally.

Killer is Dead is due out this summer, and should prove to be another strong notch in Suda51's growing eccentric gaming resume.