If you could play a version of Marble Madness or Zuma inside the world of Brütal Legend, you'd probably get something close to Eyelord, the upcoming game from Secret Exit, developers of Zen Bound 2.

But instead of the serenity of wrapping 3D objects while listening to calm music that you get with Zen Bound, this new game looks like a laser bolt in the complete opposite direction. Think less Shamisen... more Ibanez.

The trailer is full of loud heavy metal music and, you guessed it, eyeballs. It's a clever concept, taking the basic game play of a marble popping game and skinning it with a decidedly Megadeath-like skin. If we had to recommend one iOS game for the guys over at Loudwire to keep an, um, eye on ... it would be this one.

Head over to the game's official website for some more information. But before that, check out the trailer below and see all the action for yourself.