Boss Fights are a staple of video games. Some of them are push overs. Some of them are bizarre. And some are downright impossible. But we don't know about any that are endless ... until now!

New development studio White Milk Games is taking the notion of an endless boss fight and making a whole game out of it, literally calling it -- Endless Boss Fight. And sure enough, the game will deliver exactly what its title promises. In the game you fight one giant, invulnerable boss, trying to survive as long as possible while battling it.

This is an interesting take on the whole "endless" and "infinity" genres of mobile games that are cropping up. But instead of running or jumping, you get to fight! Your goal, obviously, is to score as many points as possible during your playthough.

Based on the trailer below, it looks like the action in Endless Boss Fight will feature a lot of arcade-style beat 'em up gameplay. The title is set to launch sometime in February.

Check out the trailer below: