The free Xbox Live Arcade title Doritos Crash Course will be getting new courses and achievements early next year.

Though it came out way back in 2010, Doritos Crash Course is still a fun multilplayer romp that happens to be available for the low, low price of "free." For some reason, Microsoft has decided to release some downloadable content for the game two years after its launch. Not that we're complaining. Any excuse to play this game again is a good one.

On Jan. 2, Doritos Crash Course will be getting two new courses (London and Vegas), each with 10 stages to further test your Ninja Warrior mettle. There will also be three additional achievements, two new Avatar awards, and a new easier setting for the original Japanese levels. The add-on will cost $2 (160 MSP), but considering the original game was free, that's more than a fair price.

Check out some screenshots of the upcoming content below, and let us know what you think of the Doritos Crash Course DLC.