A new gameplay video from Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls reveals a bit more about its female lead, and the powers she wields.

The footage, captured by CVG, consists of several different clips taken from various points in the story. The open starts with a look at Ellen Paige's Jodie Holmes as a child, being tested for psychic abilities. We then get to see just how the powers are controlled, and what Jodie is capable of at such a young age.

From there, the clips move to a small gym, where an older Jodie is working out. The bumper described this portion as a training tutorial, and there's no dialogue. However, the combat looks good in motion, but it's unclear just how much control Quantic will be giving us over Jodie's actions.

Finally, the video concludes with an adult Jodie investing a laboratory. There's been some sort of accident, and there are some supernatural elements at play as well. Again, the psychic powers are shown off, but here it's as a puzzle solving tool.

You can watch all nine minutes below, and let us know what you think of Beyond in the comments.