The cinematic Beyond: Two Souls may be leaving its PS3 exclusivity behind to come to the PS4 side, if a few odd listings are telling the truth.

According to Joystiq, a listing for a PS4 version of the game first appeared on two German retail sites under the name Beyond: Two Souls Director's Cut. Those listings have since been removed, so this could have been chalked up to a mistake... until a site called Exophase specializing in online gaming activity posted a list of trophies from the PlayStation 4 version of Beyond: Two Souls. Again, this could be Exophase hypothesizing and moving the achievement list from the PS3 version to a PS4 release, but without official announcements, we have no idea.

Our biggest question from this possible port, however, is when the ports of existing games on prior consoles will end and the focus will shift to the development of new titles. We don't mind seeing these games come to a fresh console, but we're less likely to purchase games we've already experienced than we are to buy brand new IPs or sequels. We hope that the light at the end of the porting tunnel is in view and the new console generation can finally break its last-gen shackles.