Quantic Dream

E3 2017: Detroit: Become Human Preview
For years, writers have struggled with the idea of artificial intelligence growing into something that is more than the sum of a bunch of circuits. Science fiction is filled with tales of robots wanting to be more than their coding, and the concept has filtered down from the likes of Pinocchio to Bl…
Beyond: Two Souls Review
Beyond: Two Souls is a new game from Quantic Dream which tells the story of Jodie Holmes and Aiden, an invisible spirit presence/imaginary friend that has followed Jodie around since she was a girl. Aiden has all the requisite poltergeist style powers. He is able to move things around telekineticall…
E3 2013 Preview: Beyond: Two Souls
Last year at E3, Quantic Dream revealed Beyond: Two Souls, a new Heavy Rain style game starring Ellen Page as Jodie Holmes, a girl with a mysterious ghostly entity named Aiden following her around. This year, Quantic Dream showed a new trailer for the game, except it basically just showed Jodie deck…
Beyond Gameplay
Quantic Dream screened some of Beyond: Two Souls at Tribeca Film Festival, and now you can watch 35 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay straight from the anticipated PlayStation 3 game.
Heavy Profits
Quantic Dream, the developers behind Heavy Rain and the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls, believe innovation doesn't curb profits. The figures for Heavy Rain certainly seem to back up that sentiment.

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