Quantic Dream, the developers behind Heavy Rain and the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls, believe innovation doesn't curb profits. The figures for Heavy Rain certainly seem to back up that sentiment.

Speaking at Digital Dragons, Quantic Dream's Guillaume de Fondaumiere discussed Heavy Rain's budget, and how much money it likely made for Sony. According to Eurogamer, de Fondaumiere said Heavy Rain cost just €16.7 million ($21.7) to develop. Factoring in Sony's marketing and distribution, that number increased to €40 million ($52.1) to create, release, and promote the PlayStation 3 exclusive.

"Sony earned more than €100 million ($130.3) with this game. It's very profitable," d Fondaumiere said. "We should stop thinking that innovation rhymes with unprofitable."

Apparently a €100 million profit buys a lot of emotions, as Sony and Quantic Dream will be continuing their relationship with Beyond: Two Souls, and into the next generation on the PlayStation 4. Say what you will about Quantic's methodology, and whether or not Heavy Rain is actually a game, but the team over there has proven they can make money with innovative and different gaming experiences.

What do you think of de Fondaumiere's statements? Can innovation lead to success, or is it better to stick to the proven path?