PlayStation has released a trailer for the Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition, which will house some exclusive content for fans willing to seek it out.

The Special Edition will be exclusive to GameStop and can be obtained through pre-orders right now. It will cost $59.99 and include exclusive Steelbook packaging, behind-the-scenes features, the game's soundtrack, a dynamic PlayStation 3 theme, a PlayStation Network avatar pack and an exclusive 30-minute playable downloadable content scene.

From the looks of the video, that playable content comes in the form of an extra training sequence for Jodie. The entire Special Edition doesn't seem like a bad package, especially since you'll still be paying the same price as you would for a standard version. The choice to pre-order and grab these goodies is yours, dear reader!

BEYOND: Two Souls will be released on Oct. 8 for the PlayStation 3.