See the picture up above? That's a brand new iPad. What's that, you ask? Didn't Apple just come out with a brand new iPad? Yes, they did. And they're already coming out with an updated one less than a year later. Time to break out those wallets, cause this new iPad is even better than the last one!

Recently announced at their keynote today along with the new line of Macbooks, iMacs and the iPad Mini, was the 4th generation iPad. This iPad looks just like the new iPad that came out in March of this year, but it houses some pretty impressive new specs.

Gone is the already slow-as-molasses (kidding), quad-core A5X chip. Apple has now packed a brand new A6X processor, doubling the performance of the A5X chip. They also put a 720p Facetime camera in the front, improved wireless (dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n), expanded LTE capability, the new Lightning port, and it will be in black or white. Battery life is the same at 10 hours.

Pricing are going to stay the same as the current iPad. The 16GB Wi-Fi model will go for $499, while a 16GB model with cellular will cost $629. Cost goes up depending on how much storage you want. The brand new 4th gen iPad will be available on November 2nd.

Ok, with this new A6X processor that's supposed to be faster than the speed of light, what kind of games will developers put on it? Is Microsoft going to finally port over Halo? Will we see some awesome console games make their way to this new iPad, taking advantage of this incredible new processor? We'll have to wait and see.

So what do we do with this 3rd generation iPad antique? Do we throw it away? Guess we could always use it as a coaster.