Riot has been pumping out new game modes for League of Legends since the beginning of last season and it's kicking off this one with another.

Nemesis Draft has been officially put on the PBE, Riot has reported, so that it can work out the kinks before the new game mode goes live. The gist of the game mode is that instead of picking your own champions to battle the other team with, you will be picking the other team's champions. There will still be the banning of six champions as with normal draft mode, but now that the roles are reversed, Riot is asking an important question -- will you be banning the most OP champions or will you be banning the champions you desperately do not want to play?

It'll definitely be interesting to see what goes on in these games. It seems that this may be a game mode that's full effect won't be felt until you play with a group of all of your friends. What's better than the joy you get when your friend on an opposing team gets their worst champ in an ARAM? Picking it for them, of course. There will, however, be a chance for the other team to switch champions. So, it would be best to make sure there aren't any champions that your friends are godlike with.

Make sure you give Nemesis Draft a test run on the PBE to help Riot figure out all its glitches as fast as possible so you can start making your friends lives the absolute worst.

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