Exactly one week after BioWare left us all scratching our heads about their cryptic “Nightmare” trailer, the makers of Dragon Age and Mass Effect have added to the mystery with another weird, enigmatic teaser trailer entitled “Spark.”

In this trailer, we see a young man sitting alone in a diner on a rainy night. While he furiously draws a strange symbol on a napkin, his phone rings. Focused on his drawing, the man rejects the call, but the calls keep coming. The second call from the unknown number is met with an annoyed hang-up, and keen-eyed viewers may notice a spark of electricity jump from his hand to the phone. When the third call comes in, the young man’s annoyance is clear, but before he can hang up again, his eyes spark and lightning strikes the diner, sending his rice bowl flying and him scrambling from the table to protect himself. Once the light show has passed, we see a mysterious, hooded figure staring into the darkened diner from the street. The screen then fades to black, and the URL “YOU’VE-BEEN-CHOSEN.com” appear.

The website features the two teasers we’ve seen so far, as well as a bit of text that states “DO YOU KNOW THEY ARE WATCHING? Your power is rising. Cologne, Germany. 08.13.14. You’ve Been Chosen.” The annual Gamescom convention will be held in Cologne, Germany on Aug. 13, so we can expect to hear more info about this puzzling project. With its "You've Been Chosen" tagline, perhaps its a new Pokemon game told from the perspective of one of the Pokemon, themselves. I doubt it, but maybe.