BioWare, developer of roleplaying juggernauts like the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series, have just teased their new project by giving us a nightmare.

An email came out from BioWare early this morning with a cryptic message that said, "The time is near... they are watching. Your power is rising. You've been chosen." The teaser above shows a figure in a hoodie running from something down an alleyway before coming to a car only to look inside to find that he's inside. When he looks up at the camera, we just see light coming out of his face. The subject of the video then awakes from his nightmare. Also, there's a dude in a highback chair wearing a suit with a head made out of smoke, so things get a little murkier.

The official website allows you to sign up for more updates, but other than that features very little else. A blurb below the teaser mentions Cologne, Germany, so it's likely that we'll see more of this mysterious new IP when Gamescom takes place from Aug. 13 to Aug. 17.

We'll keep you updated on this new IP as more information is released. Until then, check out the teaser above and join us in the head-scratching.