After two successful solo stories in the Arkham universe, rumors have surfaced indicating this year's third entry, Batman: Arkham Origins, may include a villainous multiplayer component.

As it stands right now, Batman: Arkham Origins will again be a single-player game, though it will take place earlier in the chronology than the previous two titles. However, according to Kotaku, Arkham Origins will be the first in the franchise to include a multiplayer mode.

A source tipped the site off, indicating at least one multiplayer mode would put you in the shoes of a member in either Joker's or Bane's gang. The object would be to try and take down Batman and Robin. Other villains would also appear, including Killer Croc, Deadshot, Firefly, Black Mask, and Deathstroke. The tipster indicated there might also be some customizability involved, though details are even sketchier on that aspect.

Just how true this will turn out to be remains to be seen, but with more and more games adding multiplayer components as a deterrent to trading the game in when the campaign is complete, it certainly wouldn't be surprising to see Batman: Arkham Origins suffer the same fate.

What do you think of a multiplayer mode in the new Batman game? What do you want to see Warner Bros. Montreal do with the supposed multiplayer?