The first 30 minutes of Batman: Arkham Origins' Cold, Cold Heart DLC has been leaked onto YouTube, and it's quite chilling, to say the least.

AllGamesBeta has released a video containing the first half hour of the Cold, Cold Heart downloadable content for Batman: Arkham Origins. While the video starts off just as we were expected (Mr. Freeze attacks Wayne Manor while billionaire Bruce is hosting Gotham's Humanitarian of the Year Award), what we weren't expecting was how the entire map of Gotham City was going to be utilized in this DLC.

Cold, Cold Heart isn't like previous Arkham expansions where you were forced to just place a collection of new predator/combat maps. Fortunately, Batman's new XE Batsuit isn't given to you off the bat (no pun intended) for you to start instantly combating the forces of the Penguin and Mr. Freeze (who are now equipped with Freeze's Cryo-based weaponry). This gives a nice amount of buildup towards the unlocking of the new suit. Also, there are a few instances of using Detective Mode's abilities for crime scene investigations in order to home in on Dr. Victor Fries. It looks like Cold, Cold Heart is warming itself up to Arkham Origin's multitude of gameplay mechanics to provide a diverse experience.

We'll get to see how bats adapt to an Arctic setting once the Cold, Cold Heart DLC is arrives on April 22 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Batman: Arkham Origins.

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