Watch Batman's new, thermal Batsuit in action as he takes on Mr. Freeze and his goons in this new piece of downloadable content for Batman: Arkham Origins.

Arkham Origin's Mr. Freeze-oriented DLC, Cold, Cold Heart, is going to feature Bruce Wayne taking back the frozen-over Wayne Manor back from the clutches of his coldest nemesis. Mind you, WB Games has decided to focus on the Cold, Cold Heart DLC's development instead of trying to fix the array of bugs and glitches that numerous players have been reporting throughout Arkham Origins' main game. Nevertheless, this piece of DLC looks much different from Origins' core gameplay and looks to be a cool addition to the Arkham mythos (Arnold pun intended).

Batman: Arkham Origins' Cold, Cold Heart DLC takes place on the New Years Eve, a week after the events of the main campaign (if you were able to actually clear it), where Bruce Wayne is hosting Gotham's Humanitarian of the Year Award at Wayne Manor, until Mr. Freeze storms the building with a certain, unknown supervillain that he has partnered with. Be prepared to turn up the heat when the Cold, Cold Heart DLC is arrives on April 22 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Arkham Origins.

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