Get ready to freeze your puns off, because here's a trailer for "Cold, Cold Heart," the next piece of downloadable content for Batman: Arkham Origins.

The trailer debuted on episode 204 of DC All Access (jump ahead to the 01:00 mark to get started). We're given just a brief, teaser-y look at "Cold, Cold Heart," which you might have guessed is a DLC episode that will deal with Mr. Freeze, one of the most unique villains in Batman's Rogues Gallery.

The DLC is supposed to be an open-world, narrative-driven add-on that explores this villain's origins as well as Batman's first encounter with him. Apparently Batman will get new gadgets and even a new suit to help him deal with Mr. Freeze's cryogenic weapons. It turns out that Alfred has been experimenting with a suit he calls the Extreme Conditions suit that will allow Batman to fight Mr. Freeze and his minions.

The "Cold, Cold Heart" DLC will become available on April 22, 2014, so get ready for a blast of winter in the middle of spring.