We all like to play games for the exciting graphics and pulse-pounding action. Sure, it's great racking up a high score or beating your friends on the leaderboards, but what about the times when you want to just chill? Put up your feet, relax, and not worry about boss fights or getting lost in a dungeon? Every gamer deserves some down time, which is why you should check out our picks for the 5 most relaxing games in the App Store.

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    Little White Bear Studios LLC

    TanZen is a nice entry in our 5 most relaxing games list. Let's kick off our shoes and slide puzzle pieces into place and make pretty shapes, shall we? And even if we can't figure out a particular puzzle, so what? Just set your iPhone or iPad down and fall asleep to the relaxing music. Either way, you win.

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    Flower Board

    Tue Nguyen Minh

    Everyone knows that flowers relax you which is why I have flower petals everywhere in my house. I sleep in them and make sure they're floating in my bathtub at all times. And when I need more flower power, I start up Flower Board, a simple game where you listen to calming music as you try and match flowers on the board before it fills up. What's your high score? Who cares!

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    Zen Bound 2 Universal

    Secret Exit Ltd.

    If your work day has you wound tighter than the California state school budget, it may be time to sit down and chill out with Zen Bound 2. This 5 most relaxing games entry has you winding a rope around various objects until the goal is reached of covering the item or the nails protruding from it. It's a neat little brain-teaser that will let you unwind after 8 hours of your boss telling you how incompetent you are. Which is probably the reason why I play it every evening.

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    Contre Jour HD


    Ah, I love Contre Jour. From the beautiful graphics to the smart gameplay, you'll find yourself playing this wonderful gem for hours. Even if you don't like these kind of games, the soundtrack alone (which you can purchase separately on iTunes) is worth buying. Cozy up with your loved one and spend a few hours of Contre Jour time. You'll be glad you did.

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    Hemisphere Games Inc

    See that little blue sphere in the picture? That's you. Your job is to absorb all the smaller spheres without getting absorbed yourself by bigger spheres. This game is so relaxing it makes me feel like I'm playing on a cloud of awesome surrounded by football games and gorgeous women who feed me grapes all day. The graphics are stunning, the music is incredible and you'll find that you can't stop playing. Which is why it deserves the #1 spot on our list of the 5 most relaxing games. Could I have another grape please? Thank you.