Everyone is looking forward to the release of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, but that doesn’t mean that the current generation doesn’t have some kicks left in it. Which is why we're doing a list of the 10 Most Anticipated Current Gen Games. Both Sony and Microsoft have said that they plan on supporting their current generation consoles, the PS3 and the Xbox 360, for years after the new consoles come out. In fact, some of the most hyped up game releases are for this gen, not next gen. Here are the 10 Most Anticipated Current Gen Games.

  • 10

    Prey 2

    The much awaited sequel to Prey won’t be coming out on the PS4 or Xbox One, at least we don’t think so. To be fair, we don’t know much about this supposed sequel. We know that the story is tied in to the story of the original Prey, we know the protagonist, U.S. Marshall Killian Samuels, and we know that it is scheduled for release on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, making it one of our 10 Most Anticipated Current Gen Games.

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    Batman: Arkham Origins

    It’s a new Batman game, with new voice actors, and a brand new plot that talks about the early points in Batman’s crime fighting career. Unfortunately, the game lacks Mark Hamill’s Joker, but it looks to be a worthy successor to the Batman line nonetheless. For now, it’s only scheduled to come out on current gen platforms, though many fans are hoping it will come to next generation consoles as well.

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    Guillermo Del Toro’s InSane

    A horror game made by Guillermo Del Toro… are you excited yet? This look into the craziest reaches of the human mind was scheduled to come out in late 2013, until THQ closed. Then Del Toro said he was in talks with other studios to pick up the project. Right now we don’t know if it will come out at all, but last we heard it was headed for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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    Rain is a brilliant little indie game in which you play someone who is invisible. The only way to see where you are is to step out into the rain and look at the outline the raindrops make. Unfortunately, this also means that the invisible monsters that are stalking you can see you too. It’s scary, it’s artistic, and it's coming out for the PS3.

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    Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2

    Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 had more than a few bugs to work out back when we played it at E3. Still, the game has a pretty star studded cast. Patrick Stewart and Robert Carlyle return to tell the tragic story of Dracula and the Belmont clan, and for the first time you actually get to play as Dracula himself, but only on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • 5

    Blazblue Chronophantasma

    Arc System Works introduce Blazblue as their big new fighting game for the PS3 generation, and all throughout this generation we have seen update after remake after expansion pack for this spiritual successor to Guilty Gear. Then, they announced that Guilty Gear XRD was coming out on the PS4 and people forgot about this still quite good fighting game series. Another installment is coming out on the PS3 soon, complete with new characters and brand new mechanics, and it deserves to be on our list of 10 Most Anticipated Current Gen Games.

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    Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle

    Speaking of fighting games, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle just came out in Japan for the PS3, and a PS4 release isn’t planned at all. This incredible adaptation of the Jojo’s series goes as far as to have a full pose editor, in order to let you alter the way your character stands after attacking. It’s bonkers and off the wall and if you haven’t picked up the import version, you should probably pick up the localized version when it comes out later this year.

  • 3

    South Park: The Stick of Truth

    South Partk’s mighty RPG has survived the closing of THQ, and continues to go on strong, ready to entertain you with horribly offensive humor about fecal matter and genetalia. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are still doing interviews about the game. It’s still scheduled to come out for the PS3 and Xbox 360 late 2013.

  • 2

    Mighty No. 9

    Mighty No. 9 is Keiji Inafune’s love letter to the Mega Man fanbase. It’s basically a new Mega Man with a new character, new stages, new bosses, and more. Currently the Kickstarter has grown enough to allow it to be released on the PS3 and Xbox 360. It’s going to need about a million more dollars to be able to get it on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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    Beyond: Two Souls

    Finally, the Most Anticipated Current Gen Game is coming out in just a few weeks. Beyond: Two Souls is made by Quantic Dream, the same guys who did Heavy Rain. It tells the story of a girl who is haunted by a poltergeist like spirit. What starts as an innocent relationship eventually turns to murder and chaos, as Jodie, played by Ellen Paige, and her spirit Aiden, soon find themselves on the run from the law. Also there are military segments and Willem DaFoe! Random we know, but what’s not to love? Be sure to pick up this game on the PS3.