You know what sucks about new console launches? Everything leading up to their official announcement. Until that happens, rumors and stories are going to fly around the internet like confetti. The latest rumor regarding the next Xbox has to once again, do with the name of the system.

We last reported that the next Xbox was rumored to be called Fusion. Now IGN is reporting that The International Business Times is stating that the next Xbox will be called Infinity. Not Durango or Fusion or 720 or Cashgrab or Sexbox or any other name you can think of.

Apparently an image leaked on Reddit "confirming" the console's name.

Xbox Infinity

The article also claims that sources have revealed to them that the name will indeed be Infinity. Who or what these sources are, we have no idea. Microsoft wouldn't comment on the rumor and until the official announcement by them on May 21st, they're not going to.