There has been a varied assortment of names for Microsoft's next generation console kicked around on the web, but new website registries could indicate the final official name for the next Xbox.

The frequent domain and trademark finders over at Fusible uncovered a host of Microsoft domains focused on one key word--Fusion. As Fusion was one of the names being kicked around, it's not surprising to learn Microsoft is covering the bases by creating a host of websites around that particular brand. Aside from the old dot com, there's also a dot biz, dot info, dot de, and a dot co dot U.K. according to Fusible's findings.

We've heard titles like the Xbox 720, Durango, Xbox Infinity, and Xbox 8 right alongside the Xbox Fusion, so there's still no guarantees on just what the final console will be called. That said, the only domains Microsoft owns in conjunction with any of those other proposed titles are those related to Fusion. With an event scheduled for just about three weeks from now, we won't have to wait much longer for the one true name to be spoken aloud.

What do you think of the Fusion name? Which name do you like better?