Though it's clearly one of the worst kept secrets in the industry today, more evidence linking Moby Dick Studios' Phantom Pain with Kojima Productions' Metal Gear Solid has surfaced.

First revealed during the Spike VGAs in December 2012, Phantom Pain raised a lot of questions from those in attendance and watching at home. Aside from the developer Moby Dick Studios having never produced anything before, the obvious allusions and hints at Metal Gear Solid gave the whole project a bit of a mystery tease vibe.

We still don't know how the two games are related, but a recent interview with Moby Dick Studios', director Joachim Mogren indicated it won't be much longer until the secrets are revealed. "There will be a new Phantom Pain trailer at GDC, and I can confirm it will answer all of your questions," Mogren told Geoff Keighley on the latest edition of GameTrailers TV. Interestingly enough, Hideo Kojima (whose name is strangely anagram compatible with Mogren's), will also be at GDC to show of his FOX Engine and Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

There are few reasons (if any), to believe the games won't be interconnected, but we still unfortunately have to wait until GDC begins on March 25th to learn the absolute truth.