Bored on a Sunday? Don't like football? Broke your leg and can't hit the beach? Fret not, my friend! Download Moon Skater, the new app from developer 3 Guys Apps.

Control your moon skater (choose between a boy or a girl), and try to save humanity from a bunch of invading aliens. The best thing about Moon Skater? It's free!Ok, so there's a Pro version as well.

Moon Skater project manager, Mark Barnes had this to say about his new game that hit the App Store today:

“We wanted something simple, fun and highly addictive. Plus, we think that Moon Skater is a memorable character that players will love.”

Here are some game features from Moon skater's iTunes page:
*10 levels of aliens, boulders and meteors, with increasing length and difficulty

*Fast-paced, powerful music on every level

*Interactive tutorial helps you learn how to play in seconds

*Sound effects, including futuristic jump and aliens who screech eerily when shot

*Rapid-fire lasers and plasma rifles for faster destruction of boulders and aliens

*Simple buttons help Moon Skater: jump, become temporarily invincible, and fire lasers

*Invincibility to give you a breather, while increasing your score

*Single jumps, double jumps, tumbling

*Tilt action to increase jumping accuracy

*Share your score on social media

*Game Center leader boards

*Moon Rocks to spend in the Moon Skater store

Click to buy Moon Skater for the iPhone only. And check out some gameplay footage below.