If you've ever wanted to see a Rathian from the Monster Hunter series face-to-face, you'll have to book a plane to Japan.

According to JoyStiq, you'll have until May 11, 2014 to get over to Universal Studios in Japan in Osaka to stare some of Monster Hunter's behemoth baddies in their ugly, waiting-to-become armor faces. The attraction is called "Monster Hunter the Real" and features animatronics, displays of armor and weapons from the games, food and drink inspired by the series as well as other goodies that bring the world of Monster Hunter to life.

The video above was shot by ExorcistPlexLife and features footage from the attraction in 2012. You can head to 4gamer to check out what you can expect to see at the attraction now. If you've got disposable income and a mighty love for Monster Hunter, head over to Osaka now!

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