Monster Hunters come in all shapes and sizes, as well as styles. In the Cosplay of the Week, we're going to take a look at one of the more popular sets of armor to come out of the Monster Hunter series. Let's give a warm welcome to Ashe Kai and her Kirin Armor set!

The Kirin Armor set for female Monster Hunters is one of the the most attractive you'll find in the game. While most armor sets feature bones, scales, teeth and other remnants of gigantic, slain beasts, the Kirin Armor set is decidedly more subtle and feminine. Its parts are made from the Kirin, a monster that resembles a blue/white unicorn that's overflowing with electrical power. If you collect enough materials from this majestic beast, you can craft your very own Kirin Armor.

Speaking of crafting, it took Ashe Kai about a month and a half of work to put the outfit together this past summer. According to her, she used 2" synthetic white fur for lining the edges and the pelts on the side. For the leggings, top and arm warmers, Ashe used a short-haired material akin to that of stuffed animals. She then took two-colored nylon straps and clips to craft the belt. It's always a wonder to us how cosplayers can create such magnificent outfits using simple materials.

Fabric paint was used to make the black designs found throughout the armor. As for the headband, Ashe stripped off some of the original fabric and used hot glue to apply the orange strip. The horn is made of Sculpey and is affixed to the headband using a nail that goes into the Sculpey body. The dual blades were the last items to be crafted and are a combination of wood, nylon, buckles and other materials.

With regard to why she chose the Kirin Armor to make and cosplay, Ashe said, "I originally chose to cosplay Kirin Armor while I was browsing for ideas. I simply liked the way it looked and how it was not something I came across often like I did with Final Fantasy cosplays. At that time, I had not played any Monster Hunter games till I completed my cosplay, but am now considering making an armor set after playing the game."

You can follow Ashe Kai on deviantART and through her Facebook page. All of the shots were taken by Ashe herself, so definitely take note of her photography skills as well!

Ashe Kai

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