To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Monster Hunter franchise, Capcom is releasing a super rare statue made out of solid gold.

Kotaku reports that Capcom is releasing this showroom-worthy Monster Hunter statue to celebrate the franchise's 10th birthday. The only downside to this story is that none of us will be able to afford it. This statue is made out of solid gold and will come with its own certificate of authenticity, and it better, because there are only ten of these statues in the entire world. For over $29,000, only the craziest of MH fans would buy this statue, but look at that armored Felyne. The statue itself weighs .26 lb. and measures 2.16'' by 4.92" by 3.54". For those of you reading this who are actually thinking about buying it, just remember, you can get a college education and an decent car for that much money.

The next entry of the series, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, is expected for an early 2015 release on Nintendo 3DS.

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