If your fingers were itching to destroy monsters and turn them into equipment, then rejoice at the fact that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is coming soon.

Capcom has revealed that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will debut alongside the New Nintendo 3DS XL on Feb. 13, 2014. Not only that, but a special Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate-themed bundle will be released, which will be decked out in Monster Hunter regalia and a copy of the game.

There's no pricing information for the bundle at the moment, but the game itself will be $39.99 while the New 3DS XL will be sold separately for $199.99. The addition of the C-stick and customizable ZL and ZR buttons should make for a more intuitive, enjoyable Monster Hunter experience on a portable console.

Check out the new trailer above and get ready for the monster-hunting madness in about a month's time!

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