Looks like one of the Felynes of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is getting stylish by adding Dante's jacket and Alastor sword from Devil May Cry.

Devil May Cry is the latest franchise to help drape your Felyne companions in new costumes for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Look as your kitty sidekick gets Dante's gear from his original demon-slaying adventure from the PlayStation 2. With his silver trademark hair, long red coat and thunder-filled Alastor sword, this Felyne looks ready to go on a big hunt. Watching the video and listening to the cat pick up the phone was hilarious. It looks like this cat will be able to even use some of Dante's signature attacks, which is adorable and bad ass at the same time

While no official release date has been set, we can expect Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate to launch for the Nintendo 3DS sometime in early 2015.

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