Here's an old favorite. Who wears short shorts? Misty from Pokemon wears short shorts. Let's take a look at her getup in today's Cosplay of the Day.

Misty from Pokemon has been a mainstay of both the games and the animated series. We know her as one of Ash's companions, but she spent most of her youthful days as Cerulean City gym leader. Her specialty is Water-type Pokemon, so she'd be able to douse any young suitor's burning desires for her.

Here is BadLuckKitty, one of our 100 Hottest Cosplay Girls, as Misty in her iconic outfit. The character has actually worn a lot of different costumes in the games, most of them resembling swimsuits, but this classic outfit is our favorite. Not only does BadLuckKitty pull off the outfit, but she also gets the hair down right. We'd like to think that this is what Misty would look like in her college years, assuming that Pokemon trainers even go to college.

See more of her fantastic cosplay on her deviantART page and let us know if she made a splash with you.


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