While our focuse here at Arcade Sushi is to bring you the best in console and mobile game coverage, we don't have "Arcade" in our title for nothing! So we were pretty excited when we heard that a 30 year-old classic arcade record had been broken.

Arstechnica shared the news of Swedish gamer Victor Sandberg's incredible endurance run of 56 hours on the classic game Missile Command. What did all that time earn him? A spot in the record books for one. Sandberg took down a 30 year-old world record when he achieved 81,796,035 points, beating the previous world record of 80,364,995 held by Victor Ali. This is a record that no one thought would ever be beaten.

The game was on Marathon setting and not Tournament setting. In Marathon you can build up extra cities, which allowed Sandberg the opportunity to step away for some much needed breaks. This is similar to what George Leutz did when he broke the Q-bert world record last month. Leutz played for 84 hours straight and racked up 37,163,080 points.

Sandberg's world record has to be verified by Twin Galaxies before it can become official, but as it stands now, the old world record has been beaten. Will it take another 30 years for this record to be toppled?