The seventh title update for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition will come with a host of additions, including an experience system, animal breeding, and more.

4J Studios has been updating the Xbox Live Arcade version of Minecraft with regularity, and has at least two more major updates in the works. Update 7, the next planned batch of upgrades, will bring with it the aforementioned features, but will also add brewing and enchanting to the mix. There will also be Nether Fortresses and a Mushroom Biome coming, as well as skin animations. Updated tutorials for all the new features and items (like blaze rods, lily pads, and cauldrons), will also be implemented.

Along with all of those actual game updates, 4J is planning to release a new skin pack this Wednesday. For $1, anyone who purchases the Festive Skin Pack will get access to 24 new skins. Among the additions are Santa and Mrs. Claus, Bad Santa, Marley's Ghost, and a Zombie Turkey.

There's still no date in sight for update 7, but 4J Studios should have news to share about its release in the coming weeks. Then it's on to update 8, where fans will finally get to experience "The End."