This first-person dungeon crawler will bring the fight to your mind much sooner than we were expecting.

On the PlayStation Blog, Russell Iriye, Marketing Manager for Aksys Games, has revealed the release date for Mind Zero. Iriye has also revealed much of Mind Zero's gameplay and has included a trailer in his post to boot. Mind Zero revolves around a high school student named Kei whose life gets changed after encountering a MIND, which is a weapon-like creature with magical powers.

In Persona-esque fashion, you will have to fight other MINDs by hand or by using the MINDs you and your classmate party members made contracts with. Mind Zero features your standard role-playing game mechanics while throwing in some new concepts revolving around the MINDs' features. These creatures can replace your party members and play similarly to Yuna's summoned Eidolons in Final Fantasy X.

Mind Zero will be hitting retail stores and the digital marketplace on May 27th for PS Vita with a price of $39.99.