Aksys, the team behind the Japanese role-playing game Mind Zero, has announced that their title is finally making the long trip to North American shores.

According to Polygon, Aksys Games said that Mind Zero is going to hit North America this spring for the PS Vita.

Mind Zero might remind fans of the Persona series, mainly because of its sleek, anime-inspired art style. It also resembles Persona in terms of its plot, where Mind Zero's story exists on a dichotomy existing between the real world and a surreal, spirit world.

Of course, your band of high school classmates are going to explore the spirit world while trying to balance their lives in the real one. Even better, there are Persona-like spirits that watch over your characters and attack in tandem with your party. There's no surprise that Aksys should be pronounced similarly to Atlus.

You'll be able to purchase the game digitally via the PlayStation Store for $39.99 when it's released.