We get an inside look as to the bizarre, yet interesting, story behind Mind Zero.

This developer diary of stars Mind Zero producer Takayuki Harakami explaining the premise behind Aysys' bizarre dungeon crawler and what causes this ragtag group of high school students to investigate the otherworldly occurences. Harakami describes that bizarre and unexplainable things happen all over the world. He then jests at the thought that they could be caused by beings from another world. To build upon this strange speculation, he then suggests that they were caused by MINDS, the otherworldly spirits that play a major role in Mind Zero.

The developer diary provides footage from the game which depicts two high school girls speaking offscreen in an empty classroom. One girl brings up a recent urban legend about a door mysteriously appearing out of nowhere that can take you to a strange new world if you go through it. The other one suggests that the same thing happens but with an axe-wielding murder emerging from it that will pull you back through the door and kill you on the other side. Harakami suggests that there are plenty of other Japanese urban legends of being "spirited away" or being possessed by foxes (that's a new one on us), and he suggests that these could also be done by MINDs as well. He finally indicates that the cast of Mind Zero are "Minders" who have each encountered these anomalies on their own before grouping together in order to make sense of things and ultimately try to set things right. Mind Zero may sound like Persona, but we're quite intrigued nonetheless.

Be ready to becoming a Minder who interacts with MINDs as Mind Zero launches on PS Vita on May 27 as both a physical, retail game and as a digital download.