Digital Dream's debut title, Metrico, marks the first infographics action game we have ever seen.

Roy Van de Mortel, a Level Designer at Digital Dreams (a studio comprised of only three people), has announced on the PlayStation Blog that his studio is gearing up to launch its debut title, Metrico. Metrico is a bit unconventional in its premise. At first glance, it looks to be a simple platformer, until you realize just how much things can change. There are mathematical and puzzle-based mechanics that you need to figure out in order to proceed through each stage. As you can tell by this trailer, Metrico's audio is full of synthesizer sounds, which were done by the Dutch synth composer, Palmbomen.

Digital Dreams have decided to release a free demo for Metrico upon its launch, which will contain roughly 5% of the entire game. Expect Metrico to hit the PSN on August 5 exclusively for PS Vita.